Fixing Outer Rose Petal Damage

Roses are one of the most popular flowers to give or receive, however their outer petals are often easily damaged and left looking unhealthy and not as vibrant as other flowers. Maintaining your Roses can be very simple if you know what you’re doing, a few simple care tips to ensure your Roses look fresh and healthy include the following.

Identify and carefully remove the guard petals

The guard petals are the outer petals of a rose which are usually the petals looking damaged, dry, bruised and overall unhealthy, their primary role is to protect the whole flower. Usually a florist will leave the guard petals on a rose for the customer to remove once they reach their final destination, this is because they’re easily damaged and are often gifted to resemble the common meaning of romance, faith and love. Once locating the guard petals they’re very simple to remove, however they must be removed very softly to ensure you don’t remove any other petals. You start by placing one finger carefully inside the guard petal and pushing it down the stem so that it slowly peels off, if you pick at the guard petal it can do more damage than good to the rose so ensure you carefully peel it. Only peel the outer guard petals from the Rose, if you peel other petals off it can leave the rose looking uneven and unhealthy.

Tease reaming petals

The guard petals on a rose usually fall outwards, so often when your outer guard petals are removed your rose can be left looking very tight and not as vibrant as it could be. There is a very simple solution to making your petals look a lot more vibrant, however it requires you to handle the rose very delicately. You need to carefully tease the reaming petals; this is done by carefully applying pressure to the petals by pulling them outwards working from outer to inner. Softly adjusting the petals to create a more vibrant and fuller appearance.  

Continue with general rose care

Once you achieve your desired looking rose it is important to maintain general rose care tips to ensure it stays looking healthy and vibrant. Some general tips include keeping roses out of direct sunlight, ensuring they have fresh water in a clean vase free of any bacteria and trimming the stems on an angle with a knife to create best water absorption.

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