Anti-aging Secrets

Everybody loves an anti-aging secret! Having the opportunity to keep your skin looking young and healthy is everyone’s dream. Recently there has been a lot of attention on the benefits of using a silk pillowcase for sleeping purposes, lets discuss why.

A silk pillowcase is the best surface for you face to fall on when you are asleep, it is a soft, breathable and anti-aging surface helping your face be in its best possible shape. Silk is a very soft material which in fact absorbs perspiration to allow the skin to breathe better, it does not irritate the skin like cotton or synthetic materials do if your skin is sensitive. Silk pillowcases are very smooth on your face, this is because they’re made up of natural substances and contain ingredients which do not attract dust or allergens. Although silk pillowcases usually fall within the expensive linen range their benefits outweigh the price by saving you money on anti-aging products and treatments down the track.

A big step towards anti-aging is investing in skincare products at a young age. If you invest in suitable anti-aging skincare and continuously use it your skin will age a lot slower than it would’ve without it. Anti-aging skincare products are available in creams or serums and can be found under most skincare brands these days. An ingredient to look out for when selecting an anti-aging cream of serum is retional and antioxidants as these are the most important ingredients which will be contributing to your anti-aging.

It can also be useful for anti-aging to ensure you regularly exfoliate your skin properly. Exfoliating removes dirt, dead skin cells, oils and bacteria’s to create radiant and healthy looking skin. It is the cheapest and simplest solution to anti-aging and can easily be implemented into a daily shower routine.

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