3 Digital Trends Impacting Industrial Marketing Strategies in 2020

Digital technologies have long influenced the way marketers—both B2C and B2B—develop strategies for their businesses. With 2020 fast approaching, we look at the 5 digital trends impacting industrial marketing strategies next year and how it can help marketers earn better, more qualified leads.

Industrial Marketing in a Digital Age: What You Need to Know

The Challenge of Industrial Marketing

The industrial sector comes with its own challenges when it comes to marketing. Forbes‘ Mike Collins attributes this to several factors, including product complexity. This means that industrial marketing requires technical product knowledge to successfully sell, because such products are often custom-engineered and are very complex. Collins also cites the type of buyers who purchase such products—who are often very knowledgeable and look to user benefits and ROI—as deciding factors when it comes to purchasing. Because the industrial sector is a unique market niche, market research must be tackled through qualitative techniques, which may include field research and interviews. Industrial marketing is such a specialised field that companies opt to team up with B2B marketing agencies to develop effective strategies for their products and services. With digital technologies impacting marketing over the last decade, businesses in the industrial sector are now disposed to use such technologies and trends. A B2B marketing agency is in the best position to aid in developing such strategies, which are highly influenced by some if not all of these digital trends.

Search engine optimization for inbound marketing

In 2020, SEO will still play a major role in industrial marketing. B2B businesses in the industrial sector must be visible through on online channels such as websites and social media such as LinkedIn. It is still imperative to rank higher in Google search results and this is done by optimizing your website. Having a strong SEO strategy can ensure that your customers can find you online and get in touch: the first steps to acquiring and nurturing your leads. In terms of SEO for rankings, Karina Tama of Search Engine Watch recommends using long tail keywords, phrases composed of three or four keywords that are extremely specific to your product or service. Entrepreneur also recommends optimizing for on-SERP SEO, which means that your website must be optimized enough to be chosen by Google to extract and display a snippet from as part of its zero-click result. Your website must rank high in the search results and be well optimized for this to occur.

Email marketing to nurture leads

Establishing an online presence is vital for businesses in the industrial sector, but they also have to consider coming up with strategies to nurture leads coming from those channels. Offering valuable content through downloadable e-books and other media in exchange for information helps businesses gain contact information, which they can use to nurture potential clients and usher them through the funnel. Creating email marketing strategies will help businesses in the industrial sector know what their customers need and when they need it. Emails that are opened and content that are downloaded by customers will give insight on what they are interested in and how you can provide further information and assistance.

Video content for demonstrative purposes

Content is king and in 2020, it will continue to reign. In fact, more and more marketers are looking to different formats to serve their content, such as video. A Wyzowl report revealed that the use of video in marketing is indeed effective, with 97% of marketers admitting it has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. This brings us back to the previous point: providing valuable information to your customer, whether it be in text or video format, is key in creating and nurturing a relationship. It also helps keep customers engaged, which as a business is what you’d always aim for.

When developing industrial marketing strategies for your B2B business, it’s always good to consult with a B2B marketing agency that specialises in strategies specific to your industry. A B2B marketing agency provides specialized services that result in more leads and better quality leads. The following are examples of specialised services that a B2B marketing agency can provide for your industrial business.

  • Financial services marketing – specialised marketing solutions geared towards financial service providers, with focus on B2B digital marketing strategy, content marketing, digital lead generation, lead nurturing and marketing automation.
  • Insurance marketing – unique B2B marketing strategy services that are especially designed for the insurance industry, with a focus on branding, content marketing, marketing strategy, sales and marketing, marketing collateral, and value proposition.
  • Education marketing – school marketing strategies developed for the education sector to attract new customers, sell more to existing customers, cross-sell other services to existing customers, and find new customers in complementary markets.
  • IT marketing and technology marketing – advanced marketing solutions for firms in the IT and technology sectors, featuring an integrated approach that compliments existing marketing activities to ensure that strategies are aligned with business objectives.
  • Manufacturing marketing – solutions that focus on strong lead pipelines, tactical upsell and cross-sell strategies, targeted and consistent marketing conversations, and focused marketing activities.

Team up with a B2B marketing agency to build better, more effective strategies for your business in 2020.

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