Getting your computer fixed – Complete FAQ Guide

Getting your computer fixed – Complete FAQ Guide

Unsure whether to take the leap and contact an Apple Repair Auckland team or take the risk and try and determine the solution to the issues you are having with your computer? Read through our complete guide that covers all topics regarding MacBook Repairs

Can an Apple Repairer fix battery issues?

Absolutely! Qualified apple repairers can easily replace the battery component within your computer in little to no time. 

What about a logic board repair?

Definitely! The main issue that tends to come hand in hand when the phase ‘logic board repair’ is mentioned is a hefty bill at the end. Unlike other repairers that charge thousands to replace a logic board, select a well trusted technician like The Core, who can usually repair your board for a fraction of the price. 

I am worried about my data privacy?

Totally understandable! If you are concerned about the privacy of your data when handing over your laptop, then it is important to ensure that you are choosing a trusted and well respected technician. If this is not enough security for you though, you can also back up your files onto an external hard drive, remove any files that you do not want on your laptop and re-download them onto your laptop once the Mac Repair has been completed. The Core, leaders in laptop repairs Auckland, are a trusted family business who base their business upon old fashioned values and respect, ensuring that customers are always satisfied with the service received. 

How long will the MacBook Repair take?

Not long at all! Generally mac repairs take anywhere between 1 to 3 days maximum, unless there are more serious issues that have been diagnosed but if that is the case the client will always be informed. 

If you are experiencing any computer troubles and feel a bit out of your depth, the best solution would be to contact a trusted technician immediately. Why? Well if you start playing around with your computer and settings, you may be adding to the issue and doing more harm than good. Based in Auckland, New Zealand but not sure who to call? Contact The Core. The Core can fix any damaged device, quickly and affordably. For all iPhone repair Auckland or iPhone screen repair, reach out today! We also assist with all MacBook repair and laptop repair Auckland, and other device repairs all within Auckland.

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