The Top Electrical Emergencies that You’ll Need Immediate Help For

The Top Electrical Emergencies that You’ll Need Immediate Help For

All too often, people wait far too long to call an electrician, even in the case of an electrical emergency. These are the top situations in which you must call an electrician Auckland immediately.

Blackened switches

If any of your switches are discoloured or melting, you’re in urgent need of professional help. There could be a serious problem with your in-wall wiring, which can become worse if left unattended.

Overloaded circuits

If too many devices are plugged into the one outlet, you can potentially overload the breaker capacity. An overloaded breaker will trip, but in some cases, can catch fire. If your circuit overloads and causes you to lose power after you have plugged in a device, contact a professional electrician immediately.

Lighting strikes

While not as common, lighting strikes can still present an electrical risk to your property. If your home is struck by lighting, an emergency callout is necessary to determine what damage has been sustained and if there are any potential fire hazards at your property.

Exposed wiring

If your property is old, it is likely that there are some unused or exposed wires throughout it. If you notice an exposed wire, make sure not to touch it! Instead, call an emergency electrician to remove or safeguard the wire to protect you and your family from electrical shocks or a fire.

When it comes to electricity, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Any time you suspect your home might be exposed to electrical risk, contact a local electrician immediately.

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