5 Compelling Reasons for Choosing COLORBOND Australia

5 Compelling Reasons for Choosing COLORBOND Australia

Over the years, COLORBOND Australia has become synonymous with steel in the country. “Think steel, think COLORBOND” has pretty much become the mantra of folks shopping for steel in Australia.

So why does COLORBOND make such a compelling choice among steel options in Australia? In this post, we explore some of the reasons for which COLORBOND has gained such a lot of traction across the nation, placing every COLORBOND supplier in an envious position!


Extreme, Thorough Testing of COLORBOND Australia Steel

COLORBOND Australia steel undergoes rigorous testing, especially given the harsh weather conditions to which it is exposed once put to actual use by end customers. This testing includes tests for durability, tests for corrosion, tests for a number of different manufacturing and building applications, as well as testing while being exposed outdoors to a variety of punitive conditions. In fact COLORBOND’s assessment program involves exposing as many as 12,000 of its panels to arduous marine and tropical conditions.

The underlying objective is to ensure these test panels endure the same conditions to which actual panels used by end customers will be exposed to. Response as received from these tests helps in further enhancing the quality and durability of COLORBOND Australia steel.

COLORBOND Offers 5 Layers of Protection

There is a lot which goes on top of COLORBOND’s steel base. In fact the steel base itself is made to exacting Australian standards which include AS 1397 and AS/NZS 2728.

On top of this steel base, a metallic coating that has BlueScope’s Activate Technology is applied, which acts as a robust corrosion resistant agent.

Above this layer, a slim pre-treatment layer is applied which makes it easier to apply subsequent coatings.

The fourth layer on top of the pre-treatment layer is a primer that also impedes corrosion like the second layer.

Finally, the top layer is a thick layer of grade paint which provides complete protection from any kind of chipping or flaking, also rendering it with unmatched shine and lustre.

Fire-Safety of COLORBOND Australia Steel

Bushfires are unfortunately rather common in Australia. Every time they occur, there is loss of vegetation, property and occasionally human lives as well. While there may be no fool proof solution as such, COLORBOND Australia steel can make a difference, given its strong resistance to fire.

That is the reason, when it comes to property fencing; steel fences as a whole are highly recommended over fences made of other material. And within steel fences, ones made from pre-painted and metallic coated sheet steel like COLORBOND prove especially resilient to fire.

In the same breath, the structural strength of a property which has COLORBOND piping, roofing, gutters or walls tends to increase exponentially, again making a compelling case for it as far as fire safety is concerned.

Optimal Thermal Efficiency of COLORBOND Australia Steel

COLORBOND ensures that your property retains an optimal, cooler temperature – notwithstanding the harsh summer weather in Australia, thanks to a number of its unique features.

Firstly, as many as five different colours in the COLORBOND steel range qualify for being solar reflective. With more of the sun’s harsh rays being reflected away, your property can enjoy natural coolness. Further, barring the Night Sky colour, all other COLORBOND steel colours come with Thermatech technology; this is a technology which adjusts itself based on the harshness of the sun’s rays for that day – harsher they are, the more they are reflected away.

Additionally, the durable nature of COLORBOND adds to its attraction quotient on this front as well; with a long life, it continues to keep properties cooler for longer without having to be replaced – or losing its overall capability to cool.

Easy Maintenance of COLORBOND Australia Steel

COLORBOND steel requires relatively minimal effort to maintain. In fact, when it comes to roofing which is exposed to rainwater from time to time, it requires practically no maintenance at all since the paint finish gets a natural wash! Other instances such as gutter undersides, garage door tops, or wall cladding which are not exposed to rainwater require simple hosing down to keep them going for long.

Likewise, the topical nature of the place in question also matters; those along the coastline that tend to receive higher levels of marine salt will need to be hosed down more often as will places that receive greater industrial fallout.

The bottom line is that items made of COLORBOND steel tend to be low maintenance as a whole.


Taking all the above mentioned 5 reasons into consideration, it is easy to understand why every COLORBOND supplier in Australia swears by it!

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